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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Terrible Names for Girls 2006: PART TWO

Welcome to part two of the Terrible Names for Girls 2006 awards. Based on the top 1000 names from: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/

First up: the seventh category: Lets make it start with a K!
This where normal names starting with "C", are spelled with a "K" to make them look "cool", "unique" or "modern", or often a combination of those.

And the nominees are:

Khloe. The name Chloe, starting with a "K". This one looks pretty wrong!
Kamryn. The feminine version of Cameron, Camryn, spelled with a "K". Just looks a lot less elegant than Camryn, really.
Krystal. The commonly used word-as-a-name Crystal, beginning with a 'K'.
Kadence. Similar to Krystal, the commonly used word-as-a-name Cadence, spelled with a "K".
Kamila. The name Camilla, spelled with a "K" and minus one "L". The things people do for a 'unique' name..
Kassidy. The name Cassidy, starting with a "K".
Kassandra. The name Cassandra, starting with a "K".
Kallie. The name Callie, starting with a "K". To make it look even more 'trendy'.
Kasey. The name Casey, starting with a "K".

And the winner is: Khloe
Second prize to: Kamryn
Third place going to: Kassidy
Honorable mention to: Kamila

Onto the eight category: Lets add a random letter on to the end!
This category is where random letters are added at the end to already existing names as a poor attempt to create uniqueness.

And the nominees are:
Myah. The name, Mya, with a 'h' on the end. This spelling looks very strange..
Kaylah. The name Kayla, with a ending "h". The ruining of a perfectly pretty name.
Zoey. Zoe, with a "y" added at the end for no logical use.
Jaylah. An extra 'h' added to the new and popular name Jayla.

And the winner: Myah.
Second prize going to: Kaylah
Third prize to: Zoey
And honorable mention to Jaylah

And now to the ninth category: Random sounds added together= name.
These are names where random sounds have been added to create a name.

And the nominees are:
Janiyah Amari Tamia Janae Kaliyah Jaliyah Nyasia Yuridia

And the winner is: Yuridia
Second place: Nyasia
Third place: Janiyah
And honorable mention to: Janae.

The tenth category is: Tacking on some sounds to another name.

This is where sounds are added to already existing names to create a 'new and unique' name. Nearly always with disgusting results!

And the nominees are:

Kimora. The name "Kim" with an "ora" sound added onto the end.
Jaylene. The name "Jay" with a common ending sound "lene" added onto the end.
Briley. The name "Riley" with a "B" added onto the start.

Jakayla. The name "Kayla" with a starting "Ja" sound at the start.
Jamya. Similarly to Jakayla, the name "Mya" with a "Ja" at the start.

And the winner is: Jamya
Second place going to: Jakayla
And third spot to: Briley
Honorable mention to: Jaylene

The Twelfth category: Train wreck of the year!
Names which can only, and will always cause trouble.

And the nominees are:

Miracle. Can you imagine a teacher telling off a child called Miracle? "Get here, Miracle! You have a detention". Or, can you imagine standing in the supermarket saying "Miracle? Where are you Miracle?"

Precious. I can just imagine the sleazy boys at school going "Hey Precious", "How are you, Precious".

Patience. This girl is going to have a ton of people mocking her trying to stir her temper or when she loses her temper going "Patience, Patience" or "Wheres your Patience?".

Princess. People are going to expect a stuck up girl with this name. And she'll have a lot of people disliking her if she is.

Charity. Imagine if your daughter ever becomes poor and needs charity herself, or how she'll feel when people ask her to donate to one.

Chastity. Big problems for this girl if she enjoys a lot of other boys company..

And the winner is: Precious
Coming in second: Chastity
In third place: Princess
And honorable mention going to Miracle.

To the thirteenth and final category: I don't care if its a real name, its terrible!
Honestly, I don't care if the name's meaning is "the most precious pretty princess who will always be loved forever." If the names horrible it should never be given. Its not the meaning the child will use in its life. Its the name

And the nominees are:

Yaretzi/ Yaretza

The winner goes to: Luz
Second place: Monserrat
Third prize to Fabiola
And honorable mention to Yaretzi/ Yaretza

And the ultimate most hideous name: Neveah.
Not only is this the horrible "heaven spelled backwards trend". Its mis-spelled!! Its Haeven spelled backwards, not Heaven! What a hideous and terrible mistake!

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Guy Davis said...

I totally agree with you on Neveah being a silly name. It only appears currently on the US popularity charts , but there were two girls stuck with it in South Australia in 2004. My source is the Baby Name Map, which has popular baby name data from other countries besides the US, including Australia.

Anonymous said...

Um, its not that serious. I can agree that Neveah is a strange name but some of the other categories you made up were ridiculous

AK said...

Sure, its meant to be taken in a joking manner. :)

Tamara said...

haha! I totally agree with your bad name suggestions. Also don't forget about the "Let's take a random place/object/other noun and name our baby after it!" category.

Tamil Girl baby Names said...

I can agree that Neveah is a strange name but some of the other categories you made up were ridiculous...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again