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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Random Y's

Naming your little poppit can be a daunting task. Many factors come into play. Will this name suit my child in 20? 40? 60 years time? Will people like the name, will my mother like the name?
One fashionable way of choosing names at the moment is making them "unique." The concept is that if no other darling little sunshine has the same name as your child then, wow, you've done a good job.
(Just off topic a little, this really isn't possible. A unique name? In a world of billions? I don't think so.)
However, a lot of unique names are seen as 'wacky' some future parents are taking to "tweak" spellings of already existing names.
A popular way of mutilating girls names is to add a random "y" in.
Names such as Madison or Indiana become Madyson or Indyana.

Point in case: (double offenders!)

Is this not ridiculous? Don't want your child to be the ninth Madison in the class? Well hello, she is still Madison even if it is freakishly spelled. There are no new nickname alternatives and the only thing which will result from it is constant misspellings of the name.
If you like a name then great. Choose it and stick with it. Don't go randomly misspelling it. Its like me: suddinlee spelleeng diss wayye tooou mayk mai bloghe khool. Its so childish, it reminds me of teens who decide to misspell things to try be cool.
Madyson? Ugh.

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