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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Terrible Names for Girls 2006: PART TWO

Welcome to part two of the Terrible Names for Girls 2006 awards. Based on the top 1000 names from: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/

First up: the seventh category: Lets make it start with a K!
This where normal names starting with "C", are spelled with a "K" to make them look "cool", "unique" or "modern", or often a combination of those.

And the nominees are:

Khloe. The name Chloe, starting with a "K". This one looks pretty wrong!
Kamryn. The feminine version of Cameron, Camryn, spelled with a "K". Just looks a lot less elegant than Camryn, really.
Krystal. The commonly used word-as-a-name Crystal, beginning with a 'K'.
Kadence. Similar to Krystal, the commonly used word-as-a-name Cadence, spelled with a "K".
Kamila. The name Camilla, spelled with a "K" and minus one "L". The things people do for a 'unique' name..
Kassidy. The name Cassidy, starting with a "K".
Kassandra. The name Cassandra, starting with a "K".
Kallie. The name Callie, starting with a "K". To make it look even more 'trendy'.
Kasey. The name Casey, starting with a "K".

And the winner is: Khloe
Second prize to: Kamryn
Third place going to: Kassidy
Honorable mention to: Kamila

Onto the eight category: Lets add a random letter on to the end!
This category is where random letters are added at the end to already existing names as a poor attempt to create uniqueness.

And the nominees are:
Myah. The name, Mya, with a 'h' on the end. This spelling looks very strange..
Kaylah. The name Kayla, with a ending "h". The ruining of a perfectly pretty name.
Zoey. Zoe, with a "y" added at the end for no logical use.
Jaylah. An extra 'h' added to the new and popular name Jayla.

And the winner: Myah.
Second prize going to: Kaylah
Third prize to: Zoey
And honorable mention to Jaylah

And now to the ninth category: Random sounds added together= name.
These are names where random sounds have been added to create a name.

And the nominees are:
Janiyah Amari Tamia Janae Kaliyah Jaliyah Nyasia Yuridia

And the winner is: Yuridia
Second place: Nyasia
Third place: Janiyah
And honorable mention to: Janae.

The tenth category is: Tacking on some sounds to another name.

This is where sounds are added to already existing names to create a 'new and unique' name. Nearly always with disgusting results!

And the nominees are:

Kimora. The name "Kim" with an "ora" sound added onto the end.
Jaylene. The name "Jay" with a common ending sound "lene" added onto the end.
Briley. The name "Riley" with a "B" added onto the start.

Jakayla. The name "Kayla" with a starting "Ja" sound at the start.
Jamya. Similarly to Jakayla, the name "Mya" with a "Ja" at the start.

And the winner is: Jamya
Second place going to: Jakayla
And third spot to: Briley
Honorable mention to: Jaylene

The Twelfth category: Train wreck of the year!
Names which can only, and will always cause trouble.

And the nominees are:

Miracle. Can you imagine a teacher telling off a child called Miracle? "Get here, Miracle! You have a detention". Or, can you imagine standing in the supermarket saying "Miracle? Where are you Miracle?"

Precious. I can just imagine the sleazy boys at school going "Hey Precious", "How are you, Precious".

Patience. This girl is going to have a ton of people mocking her trying to stir her temper or when she loses her temper going "Patience, Patience" or "Wheres your Patience?".

Princess. People are going to expect a stuck up girl with this name. And she'll have a lot of people disliking her if she is.

Charity. Imagine if your daughter ever becomes poor and needs charity herself, or how she'll feel when people ask her to donate to one.

Chastity. Big problems for this girl if she enjoys a lot of other boys company..

And the winner is: Precious
Coming in second: Chastity
In third place: Princess
And honorable mention going to Miracle.

To the thirteenth and final category: I don't care if its a real name, its terrible!
Honestly, I don't care if the name's meaning is "the most precious pretty princess who will always be loved forever." If the names horrible it should never be given. Its not the meaning the child will use in its life. Its the name

And the nominees are:

Yaretzi/ Yaretza

The winner goes to: Luz
Second place: Monserrat
Third prize to Fabiola
And honorable mention to Yaretzi/ Yaretza

And the ultimate most hideous name: Neveah.
Not only is this the horrible "heaven spelled backwards trend". Its mis-spelled!! Its Haeven spelled backwards, not Heaven! What a hideous and terrible mistake!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Terrible names for girls 2006 awards: PART ONE

Welcome to the 2006 Terrible names for girls Awards. Based on the top 1000 names from http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/
Category One:
Lets make it unique!
This category is where parents take already existing names and change the spelling to make it 'unique'

And the nominees are:

Emilee. Emilee is a misspelling of the common name Emily. The ending "ly" has been swapped with another common girls name "Lee"

Alexus. Alexus is a misspelling of the girls name Alexis. The second last letter "i" has been swapped with "u". Possibly also used to make the name more trendy, and like the car brand "Lexus"

Kiley. A misspelling of Kylie.

Sydnee. A misspelling of the name Sydney, where the ending 'y' is swapped with 'e' for a phonetic 'ee' ending. Very tacky looking, and screams 'trying for individuality'.

Destinee. Similar to Sydney, this is a change of spelling in the name of Destiny, with a double 'ee' put at the end. A particularly big crime as it changes the word it actually is-- Destiny.

Averie. Again, this is one where the word it actually is, Avery, is changed where 'ie' is added at the end.

Aubree. Another name which fell to the 'ee' trend at the end, from the original name Aubrey.

Valery. A 'y' is replacing the 'ie' from the end from Valerie, perhaps for trendiness as well as uniqueness.

Kelsie . The ending 'ey' in the name Kelsey is changed to 'ie' perhaps for a more 'cute-unique' look.

Taliyah. A complete disfiguration on the name Talia. A random y added in the middle to add 'uniqueness' as well as a 'h' at the end. To make it look trashy and too long! Yay!

And the winner is: Destinee!
Second prize going to Taliyah.
Third prize to Sydnee.
And an Honorable mention to Valery.

And now to our second category: Lets add random Y's!

And the nominees are:

Madyson/ Addyson. A 'unique' take on the common girls names Madison and Addison, with a 'y' replacing the 'i'.

Madisyn/ Addisyn. Another 'unique' take on the trendy Madison and Addison where the ending 'son' is changed into a more 'unique-feminine' ending in 'syn'.

Bryanna. The name Brianna becomes so 'cool' and 'unique' here when the 'i' is swapped with a 'y'. Not only this, but i'm sure the child will constantly have their name pronounced br-eye-anna instead of bree-anna. Great job!

Jazmyn. Here the name Jasmine has gone through major baby-name plastic surgery! Not only is the 's' replaced with a 'z' but the 'i' is replaced with a 'y' and the ending 'e'. Wow this name is totally cool now...

Aryanna. The classic name Ariana is here now mutilated, i mean, changed with the "i" being swapped for a 'y'.

Lauryn. The popular name Lauren is here changed with the 'e' at the end of the name being swapped with a 'y'.

Jordyn. The unisex name here getting the 'a' being replaced with a 'y'.

Stephany. The idiotic, i mean, creative idea parents had here was to swap the ending "ie" with a "y" to make it 'unique'

Mariyah. A random 'y' added in between the 'i' and 'a' for the useful purpose of... well, nothing. But, er, it makes it 'unique'.

Tatyana. I don't even understand this one. It doesn't look good, it doesn't suit the name.. what people do in the name of uniqueness! Crazy!

And the winner is.. Tatyana
Followed by second prize winner, Stephany
And third place: Aryanna
Honorable Mention: Addisyn and Maddisyn

This brings us to the third category: Lets add in a extra letter for no reason!
This is where random letters are added into the middle of normal names.

And the nominees are:

Abbigail. Here we see another random 'b' added into Abigail. Why? No idea. Looks strange, though.

Destiney. Here we see the word/ name Destiny, only with an added 'e' between the 'n' and 'y'. Why? To show of the parents illiteracy of course!

Meagan. Heres the name Megan. With an extra 'A'. How fun. Maybe they'll call her "Meag" instead of "Meg" for short. Clever.

Taniya. This is meant to be Tania. This lucky girls parents decided to add a random 'y' in. Just increased the chance of trailer trash and teen pregnancy by 50%.

Shaniya. This, similar to Tania, is a name where the parents have decided to add a random 'y' in between the ending 'i' and 'a'. This is Shania made 'unique'. How.. er, cute.

And the winner is.. Destiney!
And coming in second is Abbigail
With third prize being taken out by Taniya
And Honorable Mention to Shaniya.

And now to the fourth category: Lets remove a letter for no reason!
This is where parents remove a letter from there child's name for.. well for no reason!

And the nominees are:
Ashly. Here we see the name Ashley, minus an 'e'. No idea why, really. Makes the name look a bit strange.

Savanna. The name Savannah, minus the 'h' at the end. Why drop the "h"? Strange...

Cristina. The name Christina, withing the "h". Removed for 'uniqueness' maybe? A person with this name will have it mis-spelled 9 times out of 10, if not more.

And the winner is: Ashly!
Followed by Cristina
And third place to Savanna

The fifth category: Lets try make the name incomprehensible
Names which are mis-spelled to the point where its hard to make out what they are and how to say them.

And the nominees are:

Nathaly. This gives the name Natalie some real edge. Unfortunately not a positive one. This one is just mangled up completely.

Cloe. This little number here is supposed to be Chloe. I'm sorry, but it looks really wrong without the 'h'. It looks like Clo, as opposed to Clo-E

Miah. This just looks wrong. This one, is meant to be Mya. I swear half of people who ever encounter it will take it as Mia. Is it really that hard to spell a name the right way?

Keyla. Kayla. This is supposed to be Kayla. How?? It looks like Keela, not Kayla. A very wrong outcome for an attempt at "uniqueness"

Katlyn. With the numerous legible spellings for Caitlyn, such as the one just listed and Katelyn and Kaitlyn, why on earth would you spell it like that?? That will be forever be pronounced cat-lyn. Thats just stupid.

Kali. While this one looks like it should be the name of a Bratz doll, it is in fact Kayley. Just spelled like a 5 year old would spell it, which conjured the image of a blonde bimbo.

Melany. This here is Melanie with a "unique" ending. This will probably lead to pronunciation close to Delaney, rather than Melanie.

Dayana. It absolutely shocked me when I found out this is meant to be Diana. This an absolutely horrid mutilation of a pretty and classic name. What are they thinking??

Taniyah. This, my friends, is Tania.. the completely retarded version! This is just messed up to the extreme. No comment need it, the name says it for itself.

Bethzy. The modern take on the name Betsy. Perhaps replacing modern with ugly, disgusting or illiterate might give a more accurate picture. This ones a real shocker.

And the winner is: Dayana
Runner up: Bethzy
Third place: Cloe
And honorable mention: Taniyah

Which leads us to the sixth category: Trendii spellings!
This is the category which looks at names which looked like they are used by rich toy companies for dolls marketed at materialistic 8 year old tweens.

And the nominees are...

Kayli. The name Kayley, with a change in the 'ey' ending to 'i'. Makes it look very.. 'cool'.

Destini. The name Destiny, with the final 'y' being replaced with an 'i'. Used to reveal parents stupidity.

Carli. The name Carly with an 'i' at the end. Changed for 'uniqueness'

Kennedi. I really hate this one. It looks sooo wrong. The name Kennedy, with an "i" instead of a "y"

Rubi. The name Ruby, with an "i" at the end instead of a 'y'. This is done when parents want to change a pretty and classic name into a trashy one!

Maci. The name Macy, with an "i" instead of a "y".

Laci. Lacey, with an 'i' instead of an 'ey'. Used by parents who want to increase the stripper connotations.

And the winner is: Kennedi!
Second prize going to: Destini
And third prize: Laci
And honourable mention to Rubi

Stay tuned for PART TWO of the Terrible Names for girls 2006 awards, as well as the Terrible Names for boys 2006 awards coming soon!

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Thumbs up: Joey McIntyre

Singer and actor Joey McIntyre has welcomed a baby son, Griffin Thomas

Grade: A+

Comments: This is a perfect example of an unusual name being used correctly. The name is unusual, without being crazy, and fits as a name. They've also paired the unusual name with a traditional name "Thomas," so that if Griffin grows up to be a bland accountant with a wife and 1.5 kids he can go by Thomas without much difficulty. Not only that, but the middle "M" sound in Thomas flows well with the starting "M" sound in his surname, McIntyre

What to work on for next time: Nothing!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Naming your baby boy!

Watch out! Names which are increasing in popularity like wild-fire!
Names which are in the top 250 should generally be avoided. These names will often only grow in popularity which will most often result in your child be the third person in their class with the same name! Definitely something to avoid.
There are also names which aren't yet very popular, but are increasing in popularity at alarming rates, so while the name might be very popular yet, in a year or two it may be very trendy and you're left with a very common name which you can't change.

Ones to avoid:
Cash, increased by 156% to no. 378
Leland, increased by 145% to no.342

Talan, increased by 143% to no. 309
Lincoln, increased by 120% to no. 300
Cohen, increased by 81% to no. 415
Cason, increased by 77% to no. 753
Ronan, increased by 60% to no. 598
Nash, increased by 54% to no.742
Anderson, increased by 53% to no. 399
Jordy, increased by 52% to no. 677
Brock, increased by 44% to no. 261
Joaquin, increased by 44%, to no. 286
Brodie, increased by 41% to no. 442
Eddie, increased by 41% to no. 395
Gideon, increased by 40% to no. 591
Tristian, increased by 38% to no. 729
Deacon, increased by 38% to no. 687

Porter, increased by 37% to no. 476
Moses, increased to 36% to no. 445
Dane, increased by 36% to no. 393
Ryker, increased by 32% to no. 624
Ari, increased by 32% to no.634
Finn, increased by 32% to no. 456
Maxim, increased by 32% to no. 852
Everett, increased by 31% to no. 451
Clark, increased by 31% to no. 696
Finnegan, increased by 30% to no. 779
Branson, increased by 29% to no. 862
Paxton, increased by 28% to no. 777
Phoenix, increased by 28% to no. 423
Darwin, increased by 27% to no.772
Waylon, increased by 27% to no.547

Good news for parents who's sons are named this!
Names which have fallen in popularity.. and may be safe to use with caution. Keep your eye on them! Names which can be considered for use are marked.
Jaron, decreased by 45% to no. 819
(Safe to use!)
Colby, decreased by 36% to no. 271
Kale, decreased by 33% to no. 766
(Safe to use!)
Johnpaul, decreased by 28% to no. 979
(Safe to use!)
Bailey, decreased by 23% to no. 635 (Use with caution!)
Damon, decreased by 23% to no. 386
Brett, decreased by 22% to no. 304
Darren, decreased by 21% to no. 361
Lance, decreased by 21% to no. 321
Darrell, decreased by 20% to no. 597
(Use with caution!)

Other fallings in popularity from 17-10%
(Safe to use!)
Clinton (Safe to use!)
(Use with caution!)
Reagan (Safe to use!)
(Safe to use!)
Bernard (Safe to use!)
Dale (Use with caution!)
(Use with caution!)
(Safe to use!)

Name Virgins ~ Baby boy names appearing on the list for the first time!
Names which are appearing for the first time, or haven't appeared in previous years. Also names which might need to be avoided for appearing so high.

Names which have fallen out of popularity.
Good news for parents of sons with these names, and names which can now be used!

Cute finds outside the top 500!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby girl names, popularity!

Names to avoid which are increasing in popularity.
There are plenty of names which haven't yet became very popular, but rising in popularity in an alarming way. Which means the unique name you choose this year, might be commonly used in a year or two.
Top 250 are generally ones to steer clear from!

Names to watch out for:
Ayla, currently number 264 on popularity lists, but increased by 197% in the last year!
Mila, currently 749 on the list, but increased by 158% in a year.
Charlie, no. 761, increased by 152%
Sherlyn, no. 362, increased by 139%
Briley, no.960, increased by 124%
Jaylen, no.959, increased by 100%.
Lorelei, no.740, increased by 100%
Scarlett, no.297, increased by 95%
Danica, no.352, increased by 91%
Dahlia, no. 988, increased by 83%
Lyla, no. 639, increased by 81%
London, no. 353, increased by 75%
Presley, no.348, increased by 65%
Amira, no. 571, increased by 65%
Shayla, no. 330, increased by 63%
Emerson, no. 305, increased by 58%
Kimora, no. 422, increased by 57%
Sanaa, no.607, increased by 56%
Violet, no. 261, increased by 51%

Other names to watch out for (don't need to avoid these just yet, but keep an eye out!):

Good news for parents who's little girls are named this:
Names which have decreased in popularity!
Carol, down 59% to 968 (Safe to use!)
Katrina, down 35% to 382
Annalise, down 28% to 589 (Use with caution!)
Maribelle, down 28% to 803
(Safe to use!)
Sylvia down 27% to 524 (Use with caution!)
Denise, down 27% to 379
Tara, down 26% to 463
Skye, down 25% to 433
Paris, down 25% to 260

Other names which have fallen from 24-10%
(Safe to use!)
(Use with caution!)
(Safe to use!)
Dylan (Use with caution!)
Lorena (Use with caution!)
Dominique (Use with caution!)
Larissa (Use with caution!)
Kirsten (Use with caution!)
(Use with caution!)
Gina (Use with caution!)
(Safe to use!)
(Use with caution!)
Tina (Safe to use!)
(Safe to use!)
Justine (Safe to use!)
Marie (Use with caution!)
(Safe to use!)
Colleen (Safe to use!)
Monique (Use with caution!)
Teresa (Use with caution!)
(Use with caution!)
(Safe to use!)
(Use with caution!)
Gwendolyn (Use with caution!)
(Use with caution!)
(Safe to use!)

Girl name virgins- names appearing for the first time .
Names which didn't appear the year before. Also, names to avoid or keep your eye on from debuting high.

Betsy (keep your eye on this one, debuted at 743)
(keep your eye on this one, debuted at 597)
(keep your eye on this one, debuted at 528)

Names which have fallen out of popularity.
Names that are now safe to use!

Cute finds out of the top 500:

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Watching those initials!

When naming children, one thing which often goes unnoticed is the initials. With the every increasing use of acronyms through things such as Netspeak: Lol, Brb as well as just old abbreviations such as RIP or short words such as Fat, there are many combinations which you must look out for.

A friend of mine has the initials J.E.W. And while this is no big deal, its a little weird and often made fun of (in a joking manner) by friends. The thing is, with a bit of wisdom this could have easily been avoided.

Don't believe me? Theres lots of cases. Its a little hard to find with Google image searches like I normally do but check out:


Felicity Anne Gorman. FAG. Lovely. To be fair this could have been done by marriage.

Two Myspaces of girls name Charlotte and Clare with the initials COK.

The first lovely girl, Charlotte, actually goes by the nickname "COK" so future parents, if you want your child to grow up like this go ahead and give them a negative initials:

The other girl, Clare, notes right at the top of her profile how unfortunate her initials are, clearly showing a dislike for it:

At least the second one seems normal, theres hope for people with dodgy initials yet!

Heres a simple guide for parents, look for the letter of your last name.

Last name starting with B..
First name: S, Second name: O = SOB

Last name starting with D..
First name: M, Second name: A = MAD

Last name starting with E..
First name: A, Second name: P = APE
First name: D, Second name: I= DIE
First name: P, Second name: E = PEE

Last name starting with G..
First name: H, Second name: O = HOG
First name: P, Second name: I = PIG

Last name starting with K..
First name: K, Second name: K = KKK

Last name starting with N..
First name: S, Second name: I = SIN

Last name starting with P..
First name:R, Second name: I = RIP

Last name starting with R..
First name: H, Second name: O = HOR

Last name starting with T..
First name:F, Second name:A = FAT
First name: R, Second name: A = RAT
First name: R, Second name: O = ROT
First name: Z, Second name: I= ZIT

Thats not a comprehensive list by any means, but gives a good indication. Parents need to check.

Parents of little girls must also beware. Steer clear from certain first and second name initials which may lead to problems when they marry.
Initials such as F.A can be troublesome is she marries someone with the last name Thomas, Gilbert or Riley-Thomspon.
Once you've chosen out your name, try the first two letters with the rest of the name. For example, if you've chosen the name Jamie Abigail do a quick test by trying it out with the alphabet
Ja- A
Ja- B
Ja- C
Ja- D
And so on and so forth, if JAC and JAB are the worst you can come up with then the initials are safe!

There are ways of using initials in a positive way, however. Short words such as Joy: Jane Olivia Yale could be done.
Or, a clever little trick is if you're choosing a short name is to spell it out in the initials.
For example: Jai Alexander Irvin. Which spells out Jai.

For a short list of suggestions (NB: Middle names can certainly be changed, and different names can be substituted such as Alison Louise for ALI etc.):

Last name starting with A..
Mia Isabelle: MIA
Tia Imogen: TIA

Last name starting with B..
Sebastian Elias: SEB

Last name starting with C..
Nicolette Ivy or Nicholas Isaiah: NIC
Victoria Iris: VIC
Zachary Alexander: ZAC

Last name starting with D..
Cedric Elliot: CED

Last name starting with E..
Zoe Olivia: ZOE
Joel Owen: JOE

Last name starting with H..
Ashley Hazel or Ashton Harley: ASH

Last name starting with I..
Abigail Beatrice: ABI
Alexandra Louise: ALI
Annabelle Natalie: ANI
Elizabeth Laine: ELI
Emily Madison: EMI
Olivia Louise or Oliver Luke: OLI
Eli Lucas: ELI
Jai Alexander: JAI

Last name starting with L..
Belinda Emerson: BEL
Hallie Alison: HAL
Melissa Emily: MEL
Sally Ava: SAL
Calvin Alexander: CAL
Malcolm Andrew: MAL
William Isaac: WIL

Last name starting with M..
Dominique Olivia or Dominic Oliver: DOM
Jemima Emily: JEM
Samuel Alexander: SAM
Thomas Oliver: TOM

Last name starting with N..
Monique Olivia: MON
Benjamin Eli: BEN
Vincent Isaac: VIN

Last name starting with O..
Leo Edward: LEO

Last name starting with R..
Lorelei Olivia: LOR

Last name starting with T..
Natalie Ava or Nathan Alexander: NAT
Matthew Alexander: MAT
Patrick Andrew: PAT

Last name starting with U..
Louise Olivia: LOU
Prudence Rachel: PRU

Last name starting with Y..
Ivy Violet: IVY
Shyla Hazel: SHY
Sky Kayla: SKY
Roy Oliver: ROY

Last name starting with Z..
Jazlyn Alice: JAZ

Another way of doing this is to have two middle names if you want to use a four letter name. So
Hope Olivia Pearl Ellis: HOPE.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thumbs up: Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor from The Amazing Race fame has welcomed triplets a few months ago, two boys and a girl, Brian Sean, Alexis Elaine and Colin James.


Grade: A

Comments: This names a really nice. I saw them and they made me smile. After all the trash we see in baby names these days, especially from celebrities, these names are like a breath of fresh air. I really love Alexis Elaine and Colin James. Colin especially is a really nice, uncommon name for a little boy. Very adorable! A few marks off for Brian's first and middle name both ending in N, but apart from that, all blue skies.

What to work on for next time: Not much! Just making sure first and middle names don't end in the same letters.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Choosing out a baby name!

Choosing out your child's name can be both an exciting, but stressful time. There are many tips and tricks to working out your child's name.

Heres some tips and tricks to get you through:

Step One- Discussing names with your partner. Firstly, sit down with your partner (if their is one) and work out what names you both like. Do you like Traditional or Unique names? Does either of you have a particular name you've wanted to name the child since you were 7? Does one of you want a grandparent, best friend or other relatives name involved? Discuss what you like and don't like and mention anything you want.
Remember: This is not just your child, or their child. Its both your child. You should make a decision you both feel comfortable with. Don't be rude about names your partner likes, people can get really touchy if they like a certain name and are completely shot down. Listen to all suggestions with an open mind and be willing to compromise. Don't like a name your partner has suggested? Explain to them calmly and carefully why you don't like it, making sure you don't cause any personal offense. If a name of a family member or close friend is brought up, never, ever be rude about the name.

Step two- finding the perfect name.
Once you've sat down and discussed name, you can now go name hunting. Theres a million different ways to go about this, but heres a few ideas.
- Look back into your family tree. Are there any names you like there? Ask your parents what they were going to call you if you had been the opposite gender. You might find some nice little names which have special meaning to you.
- Choose a name from your ancestry. You may have ancestors who were French, German or Irish. Have a look at names from those cultures.
- If you want an old fashioned name, look at lists of popularity from olden times. Websites have lists like these. Such as: http://hometown.aol.com/elfnames/oldfashioned.html
- If you want a more unusual name, there are plenty of places to look. Look through your favorite books and movies for characters names, look through an Atlas for names of place, look at a paint or plant website for names of Colors or Plants. Even a street directory could give you ideas on names.
- If your looking for a more unique name, check it on websites such as:
To see how popular it is. This website is also good for checking if you're looking for a more trendy name.
A more accurate site which takes different spellings into consideration is
And go to the "Popularity Lists"
For unusual names,
Is a good website to see what celebrities have named their kids.
-Websites such as http://www.babynamesworld.com/
Give a big list of names, where you can search for Names starting with "(certain letter/letters)", Names ending with "(certain letter/letters)" or Names containing "(certain letter/letters)" or names from certain origins, meanings or unisex names. There are plenty of other baby name websites out there so do a Google Search and find one you like.
- If you're looking for very accurate meanings, http://www.behindthename.com/has a very good reputation, and I'd recommend them.
-If website aren't your thing, there are many many baby name books out there. Go to your local bookstore or library and find one you like. My personal favorite at the moment is "The Big Book of Baby Names" by Marissa Charles. Which is a simple and easy book to use with great explanations on each name.
- Website such as: http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/index?sid=396547166
Yahoo Baby Names is a forum where you can ask questions on the names you are considering.
On www.babynames.com
You can make a list of the names you are considering and then get friends, family or people of forums such as Yahoo Answers to vote for which ones you like.

Step three: What to do once you have a list of names you like.
Make sure the names you have flow. Stylistic features such as Consonance and Alliteration are
big no-no's with names.
These explained:
Consonance: Consonance is when the same letter, or sounds are at the end of a name, For example, if the first name you've chosen in Brandon, a second name such as Jason or John or any other Middle or Last name ending in "N" will not flow well with a first name starting with "N".
So have a look what the ending sound in your name is. If it Carrera, steer clear from names ending "-a", if its Thomas, steer clear of names ending in "-s". Similarly, once you choose a first name, the middle name you choose can't have the same ending sound.
Alliteration: This is sounds at the start of the name. Pretty simple. Something like Jessica Joy or Thomas Tyler. The doubling up of sounds is just very tacky, and should be steered clear from.
Simlarly, the sound your middle or last name starts with, cannot be the same sound at the end of the first or middle name. For example, if your last name starts with a "C/K" sound such as Camden. You can't have the first name Jack. Becomes the the ending and starting "C/K" run into each other.

A good way of using sounds in a less obvious and tacky way is through Assonance. This is by using the middle sounds from one name for the starting sounds in the next name.
For example, a name such as Harvey, will flow well with middle names starting with "R" or "V" which will flow with the middle "R" and "V" sounds in Harvey. Something like Harvey Ross or Harvey Vincent.
Similarly, if your last name starts with an "M", like Morgan. First or middle names with an "M" sound in the middle will flow well with the starting "M" sound in Morgan such as Emily Morgan or Hamish Morgan.

NB: Remember, these are not hard and fast rules. They're just fairly accurate guidelines to follow.

Once you've chosen your names and put them in combinations, go over your names. Are there any names you could get rid of? Shorten it down. You can probably choose the special one out of there.

Step four: What to do when you can't choose.
If you've got a few options and can't choose, try writing down two lists of all of them and going over them with your partner and crossing out one name each one by one and by the end you'll have one left through process of elimination.

Websites listed before such as
Can help get people to vote or their feedback on the names.

Still can't choose? Wait until the little one enters the world and choose which name suits best.

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Thumbs down: Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory

British Actors Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory welcomed their son: Gulliver.


Grade: C +

Comments: Gulliver. Huh? Out of all the names you could possible choose, they chose Gulliver? Huh? Gulliver is probably most well known from the stories, Gullivers Travels. Which was a SATIRE novel. It followed the adventure of Lemuel Gulliver. You know what Gulliver probably stood for? Gullible. And even if it doesn't, i'm sure there'll be plenty of people calling him Gullible Gulliver over the years. Poor kid. What will they call him for short? Gull? Gull is a pesky bird which lives on beaches and tries to steal food. They really thought about that one, didn't they.

(On an off-topic note, their daughter is named Manon?? Manon??? Who names their little girl something that start with "Man"??? I understand there are names like Manuela, but they have a pretty feminine "ella" sound at the end. Thats just terrible. These people are serial offenders.)

Things to work on for next time: Not trying to get such an unique name that its obscure, researching into names before giving them, thinking about nicknames, thinking about other words which may sound very similar to your child's name.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Unisex names.

Another recent trend in naming children is that of using unisex names. Once, when Jordan or Dale were male names, they are now used commonly on girls.

Is this right? Well, in some cases sure. Some boys names can be very cute on a girl, while others are not so. Similarly, a lot of unisex names don't work on boys because they now sound feminine.

The problem with calling your daughter Brayden or your son Lane, is that in lists, such as school admin reports your daughter or son may be put in the boys or girls gym class.

Some names which are used on girls are so masculine that there is little leeway for them to ever get a girlish nickname from them if they end up being a more girly girl.

Unisex names can and do work. But should be used with caution. Names which seem just a little too feminine or masculine such as Morgan for a girl, could be paired with a feminine name such as Rose to soften the name.

The way you spell it is also a big deal. Jesse, is a boys name. Jessie, is a girls name. Head for the spelling which looks more feminine. While i'm not a huge fan of mis-spelling names, Baylee and Camryn look a lot more feminine than Bailey and Cameron.

If a name your thinking about naming your boy is becoming increasingly popular for girls, then steer clear. Names such as Ashley were once okay for boys but as they grew in popularity with girls its not seen as popular anymore. The main rule for unisex name is that Camp Female steals from Camp Male. Hardly ever vice versa.

Names which should be steered clear from (source: http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/:
For a boy..
Addison. Is cute, but becoming very common on girls. Will create problems at school, going from rank 106 to 27 in one year.
Ashley. Very feminine sounding name and predominantly used for girls these days. Being ranked 12th for girls, but 957 for boys. (Some good alternatives if you like it are Ashton, Ashby or Asher)
Avery. Although started to gain popularity as a boys name, it is now much more commonly being used as a girls, and has a lot of association to the name Ava.
Brooklyn. It has "lyn" on the end. Enough said.
Brynn. Although once originally a male name, it is now being taken over by camp female.
Coby. A very feminine sounding name.
Dakota. Girls names commonly end in "A" while boys name typically don't. This name has a feminine feel because of that.
Emerson/ Emery/ Emlyn. Very feminine sounding, a lot more popular for girls and has "Emma/Emily" connotations.
Harper. Girly sounding.
Jaylen. A lot more feminine sounding because of the "len" ending.
Jensen. Quite feminine sounding, especially because of the Jen/Jenny connotations.
Kelly/ Kelsey/ Keeley. Both names scream "I'm a girl!"
Kendall. Been taken over by the girls. Especially because of the "elle-sounding" ending.
Lane. Just sounds like a girls name. Becoming very popular for girls and Elaine/ Laine/ Lainey have always been girls names.
London. Sounds very girlish.
Mackenzie. While I love this name on a boy, it has well and truly been taken of by Camp Female.
Peyton. Becoming less popular for boys, and more popular for girls.
Quinn. Sounds feminine.
Reagan. Becoming very popular with girls. Possibly the new Madison.
Reed. Just sounds feminine.
Sage. This ones going to be taken over by Camp Female. Just you watch.
Shelby/Sheldon. Sounds very feminine with the whole "Shel" thing going on.
Skyler. Oh, it is an adorable name but.. theres not one ounce of masculinity in it.
Sydney. While I like this one better on the blokes, its becoming increasingly female.
Taylor. So cute on boys! But is becoming well entrenched for girls. In the 200s for Males, but number 22 for girls.
Teagan. Just sounds like a little girl.

No-no's for girls.
Aidan/ Hayden/ Cayden/ Brayden. Please. Stop. Such nice little boys names are being stolen right before our eyes. And they sound soooo masculine. Wheres a girly nickname to be found in those?
Brady. Just screams little boy. Also! Means "large-chested" in Gaelic. Big no-no.
Brennan. Just nothing sweet or pretty about it for a girl..
Carson. Do you know what it means when "son" is at the end of names? It means son of. That just marks it as male.
Chandler. Hello. Theres so many "Friends" connotations there.
Chase. This one is such a boys one. Call her Chasey as a nickname instead.
Cody/ Colby/ Corey. This ones just belong to Camp Male. Hands off!
Glen. Noo, please no. Use Glenda instead.
Harley. With all the motorbike connotations and such this one should be untouched.
Harry. Harriet, yes. Harry, no! No! Think Prince Harry. Not cool on a girl.
Jace/ Jayce. The whole point of this, is its short for Jason. A BOYS name. Go for Jacie if you must.
Kai. Short names for girls have to be pretty. This one gives no room for nicknames.
Keegan. Sounds so boyish.
Kennedy. This is just so masculine sounding. I don't understand it. AT ALL. Its not nice sounding..
Kieran. This ones boys. Try Keira.
Landon. This ones becoming very popular with males, ranking in the top 50, while doesn't appear at all in the female lists.
Parker. This one sounds very boyish and masculine.
Preston. Again, very boyish.
Shane. Just nothing pretty about it whatsoever.
Slade. Sounds very boyish. No prettiness in it whatsoever for a little girl.
Tanner. Doesn't sound nice at all for a girl.
Toby. Adorable on a boy, but, on a girl? Hm, just not cute.
Travis. One of the most masculine names ever!! On a girl?? How?
Wyatt. In the top 100 for boys, but not even top 1000 for girls.

Good choices! :)
Devin (-van or -vin ending for boys)

Devon (-von ending for girls.)
Keelan/ Keeley
Marley/ Marlon

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Naming after countries.

After an interesting naming of her son by Jaci Velisquez


It may be interesting to look at the common trend of naming your child after a country or place.

Names of big or well known countries can be plain weird.

Names such as:



Can be a bit strange because of the connotations with them. Furthermore, Asia has some of the worst human rights abuses, while Kenya is a third world country where people are starving to death. Why would you want your childs name associated with those things? Its also pretty funny to see a privileged white girl named after a country with black starving people. Kind of a bit ignorant, really.

Things like the location of the place also need to be taken into place. A name such as Maysan might sound really sweet for your little girl, but when its a place in Iraq then thats a bit of a problem.

Some names are worse than others. Think about whether the name you are choosing could have a cute nickname your child could opt for if they don't particularly like being named after a country.
Names such as Alaska, Kileen or Madrid sound a little bad, but could at least by shortened to Allie, Lena or Maddie when the child grows up. Names such as Naivasha or Zamora don't give a lot of leeway for your child to derive a more "normal" nickname if they so choose.

Steer away from names with "Land" in it, it kind of makes it obvious your naming the child after a place which makes it tacky. Watch out for names which are increasingly becoming common, and maybe choose a place with significant meaning such as a place where your ancestors came from.

Lastly, never EVER mis-spell it. That takes away the whole point of naming them after a place.
Case in point:
Chyna for China

Dakotah for Dakota

Jeneva for Geneva

For a list of some NICE country names you could try (and makes sure you do your research on the place and make sure you like it!) :
Acadia, an old territory in North America.
Adalia, a Turkish city.
Adana, a place in Turkey.
Adelaide, a city in Australia.
Ailsa, a island off Scotland.
Amara, a town in Romania.
Aspen, a mountain in Colorado.
Aurora, a historical district in Italy.
Avalon, a mythical place in the tales of King Arthur.
Avila, a city in Spain.
Berwyn, a place in Wales.
Bethany, a village near Jerusalem.
Berlin, the capital of Germany.
Brenta, a place in Italy.
Brienne, a medieval county in France.
Brittany, a former province of France.
Brooklyn, a place in America.
Cambria, the latinised form of the Welsh name for Wales.
Caria, a parish in Portugal.
Caledonia, the Latin name given by the Roman Empire to the island of Great Britain.
Catania, a place in Italy.
Cheyenne, a Native America nation.
Dakota, a place in America.
Dallas, a place in America.
Denali, a mountain in Alaska.
Devon, a county in South West England.
Ellora, a site in India.
Geneva, a city in Switzerland.
Georgia, a country, and a state in America.
Germaine, meaning "German" in Old French.
Ilia, a province in Greece.
Indiana, a place in America.
Iona, a small island in Scotland.
Italia, meaning Italy.
Kara, a city in Togo.
Karelia, an area in Northern Europe.
Katmai, a mountain in Alaska.
Kayseri, a city in Turkey.
Kenner, a city in America.
Kileen, an Irish place.
Kirin, an older spelling of a city in China.
Lanai, a Hawaiian Island.
Leith, a district in Edinburgh.
Lena, a place in Norway.
Madrid, the capital of Spain.
Maine, a state in America
Martinique, an island in the Caribbean Sea.
Mayenne, a place is France.
Melrose, a town in Scotland.
Mercia, one of the kingdoms in Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy.
Miami, a place in America.
Milan, a city in Italy.
Montana, a place in America.
Moriah, a mountain range in the book of Genesis.
Nivelles, a city in Belgium.
Sicely, a place in Italy.
Sierra, a place in Peru.
Soria, a city in Spain.
Sydney, a city in Australia
Thessaly, a place in Greece.
Vienna, the capital of Austria.
Vienne, a place in France.
Winona, a place in America.

Aldan, a place in Russia.
Altan, a place in Ireland.
Alton, a place in New Zealand.
Austin, a place in America.
Aydin, a place in Turkey.
Brenner, a place in Italy.
Camden, a place in England.
Carlisle, a city in England. (car-lyle)
Cairo, a city in Egypt.
Calgary, a city in Canada.
Cambrai, a French town.
Carrick, a place in Scotland.
Finley, a place in America.
Hudson, a place in Canada.
Ilion, a place in Greece.
Kenner, a city in America.
Kodiak, a city in Alaska.
Leith, a district in Edinburgh.
Leyton, an area in East London.
Sydney, a city in Australia.
Tasman, a place in New Zealand.
Trenton, a place in Canada.
Troy, a legendary city.

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Thumbs down: Jaci Velasquez

Christian singer Jaci Velasquez welcomed her baby son: Zealand David.


Grade: C+

Comments: Whoa. This takes naming children after places to a whole new level. Zealand?? What? I know people are calling their kids Brooklyn, Adelaide and Sydney, but Zealand? What the? And after choosing a very crazy first name, you pair it with David? One of the most plainest names for boys? Jeez. Poor kid. Thats like naming your child Treminia Jessica. It just doesn't work.. Furthermore, we've got some real bad sound patterning rules being broken here. The ending "D" sound in Zealand, and the starting "D" sound in David, run into each other. And because both names end in "D" it stops it from flowing nicely.

What to work on for next time: Thinking more carefully about "unique" names after countries, pairing names more appropriately and sorting out sound patterns so names flow better.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thumbs down: Milla Jovovich

Actress Milla Jovovich has recently welcomed her daughter Ever Gabo.


Grade: C +

Comments: As often seen, celebrity Milla has tried to come up with a 'cool' and 'unusual' name for her new daughter. Virtue names are increasingly popular lately, and while i'm not totally against them they have to be appropriate (i'll post more on this later). The name Ever is cute, but doesn't really work in this context and would probably be a lot sweeter as a middle name. Speaking of middle names Gabo??? What kind of middle name is that? Here in Australia people call Garbage men Garbo's which is pronounced the same way, what a terrible thing to name your daughter. I know sometimes people use maiden names in their history to name their children but this is highly innapropriate (more posts on this at a later date, too.)

What to work on for next time: Seriously considering with virtue names are working (they're hard to place), and not choosing disgusting names with no prettiness no matter what the personal meaning.

Double the trouble.

With the recent post detailing the twins of Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and her twin boys:
The question of naming twins appropriately has arisen.
My viewpoint on this is simple. Twins have to share a lot. They'll be in the same year level, share the same birthday and often have to share things such as clothes as they are the same size. Especially in the case of identical twins, the two children are often stereotyped as being similar. People often lump them into one category and think they are the same kind of people when they are most likely to be distinct individuals.
With twins having to carry so many burdens of similarity like this, it is stupid to give them similar sounding names, or names starting with the same letter. Giving the kids similar names restricts them further from having their own identity and also leads to confusion.
Case in point:
On this link we see names such as:
Caron and Sharon
Kailyn and Kailee
Rajesh and Ramesh
Karthik and Krithika
Ronav and Roma
Rocky and Rocco

And the list goes on. This also brings issues when trying to nickname children. For example, commonly nicknames for both Kailyn and Kailee or "Kai" or "Kails", similarly nicknames for Rocky and Rocco are "Roc". When a parent yells the name "Rocky" from the other end of the house it is hard to distinguish which name he is actually calling.

Furthermore, theres the issue of giving twins completely opposite names which can lead to conflict.
Names on the above site such as:
Madison and Morgan (both girls)
Shannon and Skye (both girls)
Mary and Emmy
Kylie and Shane (both girls)

These names may lead to conflict when both Madison and Morgan end up being both girly girls, and Morgan resents having a more masculine name, or when Shannon and Skye both grow up to be tomboys, Skye may resent having the more girly name. With Emmy and Mary, Emmy may resent having a name which is more informal and often used as a nickname while Mary has a proper name.

For a bit of positivity though, some good combinations on the above link are:
Emily and Megan
Nicole and Jacqueline
Max and Emma
Chloe and Joshua
Cliff and Glenn

Which all allow children to have the best chance of less resentment and their own identity.

(Off topic for one second, theres some real horrors on that site: Destany (yes, spelled like that), Brittanee, Breyona, Kalyna, Kyrsten, Karmon (boy). which are horribly mutilated names)

As a suggestion for parents who'd like names with a connection for their children,

I think anagrams (different names using the exact same letters) are a good way of naming twins if you want something similar or matching. That way they get their own individual name, but you've got that cute association.


You could try:


Adaline and Daniela

Adeline and Delanie

Allie and Leila/ Ally and Lyla

Alyce and Lacey

Amy and May/ Mya

Celia and Alice/ Lacie

Emelina and Melanie

Hallie and Leilah

Lorita and Tailor/ Loryta and Taylor

Olivette and Violette


Akira and Kiara

Alanis and Salina

Ali and Lia/ Alina and Liana

Alysha and Shayla

Disney and Sidney

Ilene and Eleni

Kamila and Mikala

Marina and Armani

Samira and Marisa

Shyla and Ashly

Traditional/modern combo:

Anita and Tania/ Tiana

Anni and Nina

Ashley and Elysha

Dayna and Nadya

Deni and Enid

Elaine and Aileen

Isla and Lisa

Cute (older style):

Carmella and Marcella

Deeann and Nadene

Diana and Nadia

Diane and Andie

Dianne and Nadine

Elenor and Loreen

Ellyn and Nelly

Nena and Anne



Aden and Dane/ Dean

Alec and Cale/ Alek and Kale

Brady and Darby

Lukas and Klaus

Corey and Royce

Kaleb and Blake

Traditional/modern combo:

Arnold and Roland

Chaz and Zach

Leon and Noel


Ashen and Shane

Blain and Albin

Darien and Adrien

Dion and Odin

Ewan and Wane

Kory and York

Cute (older style):

Andrew and Darwen

Waldos and Oswald

Boy/ girl

Heres a few suggestions.


Aidan and Diana

Blaise and Isabel

Bryon and Robyn

Clay and Lacy

Neal and Lena

Neale and Elena

Tate and Etta

Traditional/unusual combo:

Alan and Lana

Adan (aidan) and Dana

Liam and Mila

Rolan and Lorna

Roman and Norma

Edna and Dean/Dane

Lyle and Elly


Axel and Lexa

Elias and Liesa

Ian and Nia

Rohan and Norah/ Nora and Roan

Arlo and Orla

Cute (older style):

Erich and Cheri

Andie and Diane

Dylan and Lynda

Erik and Keri

Ernie and Irene

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