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- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Why you should hire me (for free) as your name consultant!

Guys, I've got to admit, my email inbox has been pretty depressing lately. Everyday I check it to get anywhere from 30-70 emails of spam, spammy spam and extra delicious SPAM in chocolate flavor. To top it off every time I build up my hopes thinking there will be at least *one* email from a person wanting to help with names and there have been hardly any...

So, I'm going to persuade all of you why you should definitely email me:

Naming a child can be really hard. People don't appreciate just how hard. Especially the first one, and anywhere after the 3rd or 4th can be difficult. I'm never going to name your child for you, but I will do this:

I basically do all the research for you! (I've loved names for years and years and years, and have lists upon lists of different names)
-If you give me 3+ names you like, so I have an idea of what you'll like, i'll provide you a huge list of other names I think you'll like.

-Names with special meanings.

-Commonly liked combinations (first and middles)

I can give you feedback on names you've chosen such as popularity and user-friendliness (and if you ask, just my personal opinion!)

Plus links or books I think will get you in the right track.

Basically, I do HOURS and HOURS (well, it takes me about 1-3 hours to compile a list ;)) of research for you for free. From the bottom of my heart. Because I lovvve naming kids.

Please! Email me, I'm begging! The email is anni.ekate@yahoo.com.au
I won't bite!

(Oh, and to help me differentiate your email from the spam I get, put something to do with 'baby names' in the subject box!)