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Monday, November 26, 2007

Thumbs up: Joey McIntyre

Singer and actor Joey McIntyre has welcomed a baby son, Griffin Thomas

Grade: A+

Comments: This is a perfect example of an unusual name being used correctly. The name is unusual, without being crazy, and fits as a name. They've also paired the unusual name with a traditional name "Thomas," so that if Griffin grows up to be a bland accountant with a wife and 1.5 kids he can go by Thomas without much difficulty. Not only that, but the middle "M" sound in Thomas flows well with the starting "M" sound in his surname, McIntyre

What to work on for next time: Nothing!!

1 comment:

Fonz Fan said...

Totally cool name(s) for baby boy McIntyre. Love the use of a family name (Thomas) with the unique first name!