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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thumbs down: Jaci Velasquez

Christian singer Jaci Velasquez welcomed her baby son: Zealand David.


Grade: C+

Comments: Whoa. This takes naming children after places to a whole new level. Zealand?? What? I know people are calling their kids Brooklyn, Adelaide and Sydney, but Zealand? What the? And after choosing a very crazy first name, you pair it with David? One of the most plainest names for boys? Jeez. Poor kid. Thats like naming your child Treminia Jessica. It just doesn't work.. Furthermore, we've got some real bad sound patterning rules being broken here. The ending "D" sound in Zealand, and the starting "D" sound in David, run into each other. And because both names end in "D" it stops it from flowing nicely.

What to work on for next time: Thinking more carefully about "unique" names after countries, pairing names more appropriately and sorting out sound patterns so names flow better.


Anonymous said...

Leave her alone.. She can name her baby whatever she wants to name her baby its HER baby.. she's a good person working for God and so is her husband.

Kathleen Marie said...

I personally LOVE IT! How unique. I have a daughter named Timoni. There is only one like her!