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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Naming after countries.

After an interesting naming of her son by Jaci Velisquez


It may be interesting to look at the common trend of naming your child after a country or place.

Names of big or well known countries can be plain weird.

Names such as:



Can be a bit strange because of the connotations with them. Furthermore, Asia has some of the worst human rights abuses, while Kenya is a third world country where people are starving to death. Why would you want your childs name associated with those things? Its also pretty funny to see a privileged white girl named after a country with black starving people. Kind of a bit ignorant, really.

Things like the location of the place also need to be taken into place. A name such as Maysan might sound really sweet for your little girl, but when its a place in Iraq then thats a bit of a problem.

Some names are worse than others. Think about whether the name you are choosing could have a cute nickname your child could opt for if they don't particularly like being named after a country.
Names such as Alaska, Kileen or Madrid sound a little bad, but could at least by shortened to Allie, Lena or Maddie when the child grows up. Names such as Naivasha or Zamora don't give a lot of leeway for your child to derive a more "normal" nickname if they so choose.

Steer away from names with "Land" in it, it kind of makes it obvious your naming the child after a place which makes it tacky. Watch out for names which are increasingly becoming common, and maybe choose a place with significant meaning such as a place where your ancestors came from.

Lastly, never EVER mis-spell it. That takes away the whole point of naming them after a place.
Case in point:
Chyna for China

Dakotah for Dakota

Jeneva for Geneva

For a list of some NICE country names you could try (and makes sure you do your research on the place and make sure you like it!) :
Acadia, an old territory in North America.
Adalia, a Turkish city.
Adana, a place in Turkey.
Adelaide, a city in Australia.
Ailsa, a island off Scotland.
Amara, a town in Romania.
Aspen, a mountain in Colorado.
Aurora, a historical district in Italy.
Avalon, a mythical place in the tales of King Arthur.
Avila, a city in Spain.
Berwyn, a place in Wales.
Bethany, a village near Jerusalem.
Berlin, the capital of Germany.
Brenta, a place in Italy.
Brienne, a medieval county in France.
Brittany, a former province of France.
Brooklyn, a place in America.
Cambria, the latinised form of the Welsh name for Wales.
Caria, a parish in Portugal.
Caledonia, the Latin name given by the Roman Empire to the island of Great Britain.
Catania, a place in Italy.
Cheyenne, a Native America nation.
Dakota, a place in America.
Dallas, a place in America.
Denali, a mountain in Alaska.
Devon, a county in South West England.
Ellora, a site in India.
Geneva, a city in Switzerland.
Georgia, a country, and a state in America.
Germaine, meaning "German" in Old French.
Ilia, a province in Greece.
Indiana, a place in America.
Iona, a small island in Scotland.
Italia, meaning Italy.
Kara, a city in Togo.
Karelia, an area in Northern Europe.
Katmai, a mountain in Alaska.
Kayseri, a city in Turkey.
Kenner, a city in America.
Kileen, an Irish place.
Kirin, an older spelling of a city in China.
Lanai, a Hawaiian Island.
Leith, a district in Edinburgh.
Lena, a place in Norway.
Madrid, the capital of Spain.
Maine, a state in America
Martinique, an island in the Caribbean Sea.
Mayenne, a place is France.
Melrose, a town in Scotland.
Mercia, one of the kingdoms in Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy.
Miami, a place in America.
Milan, a city in Italy.
Montana, a place in America.
Moriah, a mountain range in the book of Genesis.
Nivelles, a city in Belgium.
Sicely, a place in Italy.
Sierra, a place in Peru.
Soria, a city in Spain.
Sydney, a city in Australia
Thessaly, a place in Greece.
Vienna, the capital of Austria.
Vienne, a place in France.
Winona, a place in America.

Aldan, a place in Russia.
Altan, a place in Ireland.
Alton, a place in New Zealand.
Austin, a place in America.
Aydin, a place in Turkey.
Brenner, a place in Italy.
Camden, a place in England.
Carlisle, a city in England. (car-lyle)
Cairo, a city in Egypt.
Calgary, a city in Canada.
Cambrai, a French town.
Carrick, a place in Scotland.
Finley, a place in America.
Hudson, a place in Canada.
Ilion, a place in Greece.
Kenner, a city in America.
Kodiak, a city in Alaska.
Leith, a district in Edinburgh.
Leyton, an area in East London.
Sydney, a city in Australia.
Tasman, a place in New Zealand.
Trenton, a place in Canada.
Troy, a legendary city.

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Anonymous said...

I love unique names, my daughter is Taitt pronounced Tate, and my son is Fox. My third child will be Reif, pronounced Rafe, and if its a girl she will be named Iselynd, pronounced Iceland. People remember unique names and somehow their names fit them perfectly!

Kiran Iluri said...

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Anonymous said...

My daughter name is Paris

Anonymous said...

Personally, if you dislike names due to their environments, that can be fine. But people may name their children after countries/continents because they might've originated there. I personally plan to name my child something like Asia as I am from Asia and married an American. My wife agrees as she thinks it's a nice name. Your points are true, since each name has its meaning, but Asia is huge, and could mean a lot of positive things. Any other country and continent has it's ups and downs, too.

Unknown said...

I named my son vatican

Anonymous said...

We're not starving to death... yet