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Monday, November 26, 2007

Terrible names for girls 2006 awards: PART ONE

Welcome to the 2006 Terrible names for girls Awards. Based on the top 1000 names from http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/
Category One:
Lets make it unique!
This category is where parents take already existing names and change the spelling to make it 'unique'

And the nominees are:

Emilee. Emilee is a misspelling of the common name Emily. The ending "ly" has been swapped with another common girls name "Lee"

Alexus. Alexus is a misspelling of the girls name Alexis. The second last letter "i" has been swapped with "u". Possibly also used to make the name more trendy, and like the car brand "Lexus"

Kiley. A misspelling of Kylie.

Sydnee. A misspelling of the name Sydney, where the ending 'y' is swapped with 'e' for a phonetic 'ee' ending. Very tacky looking, and screams 'trying for individuality'.

Destinee. Similar to Sydney, this is a change of spelling in the name of Destiny, with a double 'ee' put at the end. A particularly big crime as it changes the word it actually is-- Destiny.

Averie. Again, this is one where the word it actually is, Avery, is changed where 'ie' is added at the end.

Aubree. Another name which fell to the 'ee' trend at the end, from the original name Aubrey.

Valery. A 'y' is replacing the 'ie' from the end from Valerie, perhaps for trendiness as well as uniqueness.

Kelsie . The ending 'ey' in the name Kelsey is changed to 'ie' perhaps for a more 'cute-unique' look.

Taliyah. A complete disfiguration on the name Talia. A random y added in the middle to add 'uniqueness' as well as a 'h' at the end. To make it look trashy and too long! Yay!

And the winner is: Destinee!
Second prize going to Taliyah.
Third prize to Sydnee.
And an Honorable mention to Valery.

And now to our second category: Lets add random Y's!

And the nominees are:

Madyson/ Addyson. A 'unique' take on the common girls names Madison and Addison, with a 'y' replacing the 'i'.

Madisyn/ Addisyn. Another 'unique' take on the trendy Madison and Addison where the ending 'son' is changed into a more 'unique-feminine' ending in 'syn'.

Bryanna. The name Brianna becomes so 'cool' and 'unique' here when the 'i' is swapped with a 'y'. Not only this, but i'm sure the child will constantly have their name pronounced br-eye-anna instead of bree-anna. Great job!

Jazmyn. Here the name Jasmine has gone through major baby-name plastic surgery! Not only is the 's' replaced with a 'z' but the 'i' is replaced with a 'y' and the ending 'e'. Wow this name is totally cool now...

Aryanna. The classic name Ariana is here now mutilated, i mean, changed with the "i" being swapped for a 'y'.

Lauryn. The popular name Lauren is here changed with the 'e' at the end of the name being swapped with a 'y'.

Jordyn. The unisex name here getting the 'a' being replaced with a 'y'.

Stephany. The idiotic, i mean, creative idea parents had here was to swap the ending "ie" with a "y" to make it 'unique'

Mariyah. A random 'y' added in between the 'i' and 'a' for the useful purpose of... well, nothing. But, er, it makes it 'unique'.

Tatyana. I don't even understand this one. It doesn't look good, it doesn't suit the name.. what people do in the name of uniqueness! Crazy!

And the winner is.. Tatyana
Followed by second prize winner, Stephany
And third place: Aryanna
Honorable Mention: Addisyn and Maddisyn

This brings us to the third category: Lets add in a extra letter for no reason!
This is where random letters are added into the middle of normal names.

And the nominees are:

Abbigail. Here we see another random 'b' added into Abigail. Why? No idea. Looks strange, though.

Destiney. Here we see the word/ name Destiny, only with an added 'e' between the 'n' and 'y'. Why? To show of the parents illiteracy of course!

Meagan. Heres the name Megan. With an extra 'A'. How fun. Maybe they'll call her "Meag" instead of "Meg" for short. Clever.

Taniya. This is meant to be Tania. This lucky girls parents decided to add a random 'y' in. Just increased the chance of trailer trash and teen pregnancy by 50%.

Shaniya. This, similar to Tania, is a name where the parents have decided to add a random 'y' in between the ending 'i' and 'a'. This is Shania made 'unique'. How.. er, cute.

And the winner is.. Destiney!
And coming in second is Abbigail
With third prize being taken out by Taniya
And Honorable Mention to Shaniya.

And now to the fourth category: Lets remove a letter for no reason!
This is where parents remove a letter from there child's name for.. well for no reason!

And the nominees are:
Ashly. Here we see the name Ashley, minus an 'e'. No idea why, really. Makes the name look a bit strange.

Savanna. The name Savannah, minus the 'h' at the end. Why drop the "h"? Strange...

Cristina. The name Christina, withing the "h". Removed for 'uniqueness' maybe? A person with this name will have it mis-spelled 9 times out of 10, if not more.

And the winner is: Ashly!
Followed by Cristina
And third place to Savanna

The fifth category: Lets try make the name incomprehensible
Names which are mis-spelled to the point where its hard to make out what they are and how to say them.

And the nominees are:

Nathaly. This gives the name Natalie some real edge. Unfortunately not a positive one. This one is just mangled up completely.

Cloe. This little number here is supposed to be Chloe. I'm sorry, but it looks really wrong without the 'h'. It looks like Clo, as opposed to Clo-E

Miah. This just looks wrong. This one, is meant to be Mya. I swear half of people who ever encounter it will take it as Mia. Is it really that hard to spell a name the right way?

Keyla. Kayla. This is supposed to be Kayla. How?? It looks like Keela, not Kayla. A very wrong outcome for an attempt at "uniqueness"

Katlyn. With the numerous legible spellings for Caitlyn, such as the one just listed and Katelyn and Kaitlyn, why on earth would you spell it like that?? That will be forever be pronounced cat-lyn. Thats just stupid.

Kali. While this one looks like it should be the name of a Bratz doll, it is in fact Kayley. Just spelled like a 5 year old would spell it, which conjured the image of a blonde bimbo.

Melany. This here is Melanie with a "unique" ending. This will probably lead to pronunciation close to Delaney, rather than Melanie.

Dayana. It absolutely shocked me when I found out this is meant to be Diana. This an absolutely horrid mutilation of a pretty and classic name. What are they thinking??

Taniyah. This, my friends, is Tania.. the completely retarded version! This is just messed up to the extreme. No comment need it, the name says it for itself.

Bethzy. The modern take on the name Betsy. Perhaps replacing modern with ugly, disgusting or illiterate might give a more accurate picture. This ones a real shocker.

And the winner is: Dayana
Runner up: Bethzy
Third place: Cloe
And honorable mention: Taniyah

Which leads us to the sixth category: Trendii spellings!
This is the category which looks at names which looked like they are used by rich toy companies for dolls marketed at materialistic 8 year old tweens.

And the nominees are...

Kayli. The name Kayley, with a change in the 'ey' ending to 'i'. Makes it look very.. 'cool'.

Destini. The name Destiny, with the final 'y' being replaced with an 'i'. Used to reveal parents stupidity.

Carli. The name Carly with an 'i' at the end. Changed for 'uniqueness'

Kennedi. I really hate this one. It looks sooo wrong. The name Kennedy, with an "i" instead of a "y"

Rubi. The name Ruby, with an "i" at the end instead of a 'y'. This is done when parents want to change a pretty and classic name into a trashy one!

Maci. The name Macy, with an "i" instead of a "y".

Laci. Lacey, with an 'i' instead of an 'ey'. Used by parents who want to increase the stripper connotations.

And the winner is: Kennedi!
Second prize going to: Destini
And third prize: Laci
And honourable mention to Rubi

Stay tuned for PART TWO of the Terrible Names for girls 2006 awards, as well as the Terrible Names for boys 2006 awards coming soon!

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Angelika said...

OMG. Who names their child Bethzey??

Great site! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG THIS WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME. I was really hoping to find something good... but no just a butthurt person complaining about how someone else spelled a name. you are not the name sheriff.. if they like maci let them use maci not macy. maci is way cuter anyway!

Anonymous said...

That was some freaking bull, also racist in some degree. The negative commentary under each name was unnecessary. There is no correct way to spell a name like come on now C and K make the damn sound and I, E, and Y also makes the same damn sound.