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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thumbs down: Milla Jovovich

Actress Milla Jovovich has recently welcomed her daughter Ever Gabo.


Grade: C +

Comments: As often seen, celebrity Milla has tried to come up with a 'cool' and 'unusual' name for her new daughter. Virtue names are increasingly popular lately, and while i'm not totally against them they have to be appropriate (i'll post more on this later). The name Ever is cute, but doesn't really work in this context and would probably be a lot sweeter as a middle name. Speaking of middle names Gabo??? What kind of middle name is that? Here in Australia people call Garbage men Garbo's which is pronounced the same way, what a terrible thing to name your daughter. I know sometimes people use maiden names in their history to name their children but this is highly innapropriate (more posts on this at a later date, too.)

What to work on for next time: Seriously considering with virtue names are working (they're hard to place), and not choosing disgusting names with no prettiness no matter what the personal meaning.

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