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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Terrible boy names awards, 2006

I've got a confession to make. Theres a huge part of me that loves girls names, more than boys! So it's taken me awhile to get onto task to do the boys awards after doing the girls (which took a long time to do, i'll tell you!)

So, i'd like to welcome you to:

The Mini Terrible Boys Names awards 2006


First category:
Random Y's
Random Y's are when the letter "y" is randomly inserted in place of another vowel. This is very popular in the realm of of girls names. But this also happens in boys names, too.
which is a little strange because it makes the name look a lot more feminine!
Offenders are:

Winner: Gavyn

Second category: Weird incomprehensible spellings:
Some people just like to completely confuse (and really freak me out) with the way they insist on spelling a name!
Offenders are:
Rayan (supposed to be Ryan)
Brayan (Brayan)
Izayah (Isaiah)
Nathanael (Nathaniel)
Ean (Ian)

Winner: Izayah

Third category: Trying to make it 'unique'.
This is similar to the second category, although the names are often still recognizable, but just strangely spelled, often to try and achieve uniqueness.
Offenders are:

Winner: Koen

Forth category: Random syllable onto an already perfectly fine name
Guys, the names Shawn, Marcus and Angelo are a nice names. They don't need anything added onto the front. Still, many insist on doing it:

Winner: Demarcus

Fifth category: Bad names
Names which are just stupid.
Offenders are:
Amari/ Jamari/ Kamari (kind of pretty names, but for a boy??)
Noe (pronounced: No-ee. It sounds like what a Mom says to their little child, "Noey, Thomas, don't touch that, Noeys"
Willie. (Oh, god...)
Sincere. (What's he going to be called for short? Sin?)
Hamza. (Not only a weird name, Nickname? Ham? It means "foul smell". Hm..)
Prince (speaks for itself)
Winner: Hamza

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EDIT: Take a look at reader Alicia's educated and different perspective on a few of these names in her comment.


Alicia said...

Hey Annie-Kate. I've been reading your name blog for a little while now, and decided to finally put my two-cents in.

For the most part I agree with you lists except for 3 names: Nathanael, Koen, and Noe.

Nathanael is not a "weird" spelling, it is the original spelling, and the spelling still found in many Bible versions.
Koen is a legit name spelled just that way, it is a Dutch diminutive of Koenraad, which is a Dutch version of Conrad.
Noe is a fine name, though best reserved for a mn spot, because as a fn, it seems a tad nicknameish.

AK said...

Thanks for the comment, Alicia. I appreciate hearing what you have to say, and I'll give credit where it's due. This blog is my first stab at a baby name website (and hopefully not my last!) and I still have a lot to learn and appreciate any help I can get.

To me, Nathanael is a bit weird in our modern society. Sure, it may be how it was spelled a long time ago, but the letters "ael" are mostly used to sound like "ale" not "yel" like Nathaniel is actually said. There are many names which are now spelled differently from when they were a long time ago because our society has changed. But, point taken.

Point taken on Koen, also.

Noe, i'm not sure we'll agree on, but, each to their own.

You're right, and I really appreciate the comments and suggestion. I won't remove the names from the list, but I will add in an edit suggesting people come take a look at your post.

Thanks again for the comment-- and feel free to keep pulling me into line! Someone needs to. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the other person about Koen. I have a German heritage and this name is in my family tree. It's a legit name.

Just because a name isn't "American" doesn't mean that it is less legit or wrong.

I suggest you be more sensitive to other people's heritages before making judgements.

Kr8tif spelling are fair game. Bashing a name because it's not common is another.

Anonymous said...

Hamza is actually a very legit name in Eastern Europe. I really think you should get more culturally informed before you post shit out of your ass like this.

Sherman Unkefer said...

Picking great baby names is a highly important task as well as a highly fun one. It is fun of course because you are picking a name for a tiny person that you have created and that you will love greatly.

Baby Names said...

Nice post. Thanks for the sharing.

AdventuresInDating said...

Just saw a name in the last two weeks at work: Knickhole. I know it's not a boy's name, but it's disturbing, nonetheless...

Anonymous said...

Some of these names belong to a certain culture or religion so I don't agree with examples like Hamza which is a Muslim name also meaning "steadfast", not necessarily "foul taste". Some names though I do agree with such as Devyn. Ugh, what is wrong with Devon?!