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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cute combinations, Girls F-J

Carrying on from the other days post, heres some more cute combinations!

Pretty and sweet: Fiona Cadence
Modern: Faith Victoria
Unusual: Felicity Claire

Classic: Genevieve Stella
Conservative: Grace Kathleen
Pretty and sweet: Gabriella Reese
Modern: Gracelyn Ashley
Unusual: Gwendolyn Abigail
Unique: Ginnie Nicole
Unisex: Gracyn Reed

Classic: Hazel Zara
Conservative: Hannah Jane
Pretty and sweet: Holly Belle
Modern: Hallie May
Unusual: Haven Grace
Unique: Harriet Robin
Unisex: Harper Isabelle

Classic: Isadora Jazlyn
Pretty and sweet: Ivy Anastasia
Modern: Isabella Skye
Unusual: India Rose
Unique: Imogen Gabrielle
Unisex: Indiana Nicole

Classic: Juliette Grace
Conservative: Jane Elise
Pretty and sweet: Jenna Lilly
Modern: Jayda Leanne
Unusual: Jazlyn Camilla
Unique: Jonah Elizabeth
Unisex: Jamie Melissa

Any you love? Any you hate? Other suggestions? Comment below!

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Alicia said...

my favorites:
Faith Victoria (I think I'd classify her as classic though)
Harper Isabelle
Ivy Anastasia
Isabella Skye
India Rose
Jane Elise
Jonah Elizabeth (Jonah is a total guilty pleasure for me for a girl.)

the only one I'd really want to change is Isadora Jazlyn (Jazlyn just seems so modern/trendy next to the elegant but slightly exotic Isadora). Perhaps Isadora Jacqueline.

thegreataman said...