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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cute combinations, Girls A-E

I'm often asked to give suggestions on names, particularly first and middle combinations. Heres some cute combinations, from different naming styles and every letter, to give people a helping hand, I'll add a new post on this every now and then.

Classic: Alice Olivia
Conservative: Abigail Morgan
Pretty and sweet: Amelia Eden
Modern: Alexia Raine
Unusual: Amara Charlotte
Unique: Allegra Jean
Unisex: Ainsley May

Classic: Beatrice Tabitha
Conservative: Brooke Elizabeth
Pretty and sweet: Bettina Nicole
Modern: Braylin Riley
Unusual: Bridget Noelle
Unique: Bonita Nicole
Unisex: Brogan Shay

Classic: Cecelia Lucy

Conservative: Charlotte Maria
Pretty and sweet: Clara Grace
Modern: Cadence Nicole
Unusual: Carina Eve
Unique: Calista Joy
Unisex: Charlie May

Classic: Dorothy Jane
Pretty and sweet: Delilah Quinn
Modern: Delaney Rae
Unusual: Dahlia Christine
Unique: Dora Kate
Unisex: Devon Alexis

Classic: Eleanor Violet
Conservative: Elizabeth Jane
Pretty and sweet: Ella Rose
Modern: Eden Willow
Unusual: Elliana Maegan
Unique: Estelle Tabitha
Unisex: Emerson Reese

Any you love? Any you hate? Other suggestions? Comment below!

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Alicia said...

I LOVE the idea of making combos. It's something that I enjoy doing as well.
I really like:
Amelia Eden
Carina Eve
Calista Joy
Eleanor Violet

personally I'd change:
Allegra Jean (she's so pretty, Jean just brings her down, and Jean isnt' unique at all.) Allegra Jessamine would be pretty though.
Beatrice Tabitha (I just feel that they don't mesh well) Beatrice Thalia fits better.
Dahlia Christine (Dahlia is lovely while Christine feels dated.) Dahlia Charis would be great though.

Tamara said...

I just can't get on board with Braylin or Brogan.

AK said...

Agreed on a lot of those. I get a lot of these combinations from different places (A lot of my own, some are ones from "Best Answers" on Yahoo Answers, and some are real people) just because I know that my taste in names is very different to a lot of peoples so I try to bring some combinations which are liked by others into the mix to please everyone.

Allegra Jessamine is very pretty. I LOVE the name Allegra. Its not something I'd name my own child (I love a few unusual names-- but not brave enough to use them myself) It is just the prettiest little thing.
(Theres a really cute Australian celebrity baby named Allegra- heres a link to pics- http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2007/11/australian-tv-p.html

who is Allegra Penelope which I like. Jade, Jasmine or Charis are other popular ones to go with it)

Love the name Beatrice, too.

Agree very much on the Dahlia combinations.

Braylin and Brogan aren't on my favorite lists either. Some alternatives: Brooklyn Riley for modern and Bailey Sophia for unisex?

Loving the suggestions, keep them up.

Grace said...

I love Bailey Sophia. What about Bailey Kamryn?

Anonymous said...

Dahlia Rosalie

Anonymous said...

I love the name Callie Jo

Anonymous said...

I love the name Callie Jo