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Monday, December 17, 2007

Special name meanings for boys.

Many parents like to consider the meaning of a name to help them or completely decide on what name to choose for their child. Names with special meanings can even be used as a middle name to supplement a name you've already chosen as a first name.

Here are some of my favorite nice and cute meanings, with hints and tips on when they could be used.

Special meaning: Physical Feature
This is where you choose a name which has a literal meaning to describe your son. Features such as hair color or gender are good examples for this, the feature you chose is more factual than bias such as "good-looking" :).
Some ideas:
  • Abel, meaning "son" in Hebrew. A cute idea maybe for a first son.
  • Aelwyn, (arl-wein), meaning "white, fair" in Welsh.
  • Boyd, meaning "yellow hair" in Gaelic.
  • Caesar, meaning "dark hair", "long hair" and "head of hair" in Latin. For a baby boy born with a nice bit of hair!
  • Carl, Cary, Charles, meaning "man" in Old German. Cute for parents who call their sons their "Little man", especially if paired with a first name that means "little/small"
  • Cecil, meaning "blind" in Latin.
  • Cormac, meaning "son" in Irish Gaelic.
  • Crispin, meaning "curly" in Latin. For a little boy with Curls!
  • Darren, meaning "small one" in Gaelic.
  • Derry, meaning "red-headed" in Gaelic. For all the carrot-topped cuties.
  • Dexter, meaning "right-handed" in Latin.
  • Dwayne, meaning "dark little one" in Irish Gaelic.
  • Dwight, meaning "white, fair" in Old English.
  • Elvis, meaning "elf-like" in Old English. For baby boys with cute little ears.
  • Farley, meaning "fair" in Old French.
  • Finbar, meaning "fair-headed" in Gaelic.
  • Finn, meaning "fair" in Irish Gaelic.
  • Julian, meaning "fair-skinned" in Latin.
  • Kane, meaning "dark" in Celtic.
  • Keir, meaning "dark-skinned" in Irish Gaelic
  • Kieran, meaning "dark one" in Irish.
  • Kumar, meaning "son" in Sanskrit.
  • Paul, Pablo, meaning "small" in Greek.
  • Poco, meaning "little" in Italian. This one would be cute as a nickname for a baby.
  • Rory, meaning "red-haired one" in Gaelic.
  • Rufus, meaning "red-haired one" in Latin.
  • Russell, meaning "red-haired" in Old French.
  • Sven, meaning "boy" in Norse.
  • Vaughn, meaning "little" in Old Welsh, and "small" in Celtic.
Special meaning: surviving through hardship.
This is for babies who have been born premature, through complications or have disabilities but are looking positive, enduring it or hanging in there.
Some ideas:
  • Abir, meaning "strong" and "heroic" in Hebrew.
  • Archibald, meaning "noble" and "bold" in Germanic.
  • Ardal, meaning "high valour" in Irish.
  • Bernatd, meaning "as brave and bold as a bear" in Germanic.
  • Bjorn, meaning "sterngth" in Germanic.
  • Brian, meaning "strong" in Irish Gaelic and Greek.
  • Caleb, meaning "brave" in Hebrew.
  • Felix, meaning "lucky" in Latin.
  • Ferdinand, meaning "bold", "courageous" and "gallant" in Latin.
  • Fergal, meaning "man of valour" in Gaelic.
  • Hal, meaning "safe", "sound", "healthy" and "whole" in Old English.
  • Harding, meaning "hardy", "bold" and "strong" in Old English.
  • Helmut, meaning "strong" in Old French and "brave" in Teutonic.
  • Kalle, meaning "strong" and "manly" in Scandinavian.
  • Keane, meaning "brave" and "strong" in Old English.
  • Maynard, meaning "strong" in Old German.
  • Owen, meaning "lucky" in Greek.
  • Rolf, meaning "renowned for bravery" and "courage" in Old German.
Special meaning: naming after a loved one.
Naming your child after a family or friend but are stuck for a first or middle name? Don't like there name at all? These meanings are cute in certain situations (As another idea, names with 'characteristic' meanings can work well when naming after loved ones. Your dads name is Mark at you hate it? But he's a real nice guy and you want to use it as a middle name? Something like Allan (meaning 'cheerful' in Irish Gaelic) Mark would be cute, meaning Cheerful Mark). When naming after a good friend, a name meaning "friend" used as a middle name can be cute, or using a name with the meaning "friend" when you don't like your friends name is another option!
  • Aelwyn, meaning "noble friend", "elf friend" and "friend to all" in Old English.
  • Baldwin, meaning "courageous friend" in Old German.
  • Barry, meaning "son of Harry" in Welsh. Cute when trying to name a boy after Dad.
  • Bonamy, meaning "good friend" in French.
  • Cary, meaning "son of the dark one" in Irish. For little boys with a daddy with dark hair or coloring!
  • Cody, meaning "descendant or a helpful or cheerful person" in Irish.
  • Edwin, meaning "happy friend" in Old English.
  • Fitzgerald, meaning "son of Gerald" in Ireland.
  • Flynn, meaning "son of a red-headed man" in Gaelic. Son of a daddy carrot-top.
  • Harrison, meaning "son of Harry". Lots of options for Daddy Harry's. This ones cute, and a little different to "Harry jnr" and He could be called Harris which is very sweet.
  • Kalil, meaning "good friend" in Arabic.
  • Kelvin, meaning "friend" in Old English.
  • Nelson, meaning "son of Neil" or "son of Nell" in Old English
  • Quinn, meaning "descendant of Conn" in Irish.
Special meaning: nice characeristics
Names simply with positive characteristics such as "happy" or "good looking".
  • Aelwyn, meaning "great child" in Welsh.
  • Allan, meaning "good looking" and "cheerful" in Irish Gaelic. For little boys who are cute and well tempered.
  • Albert, meaning "noble" and "bright" in Old High German.
  • Argus, meaning "highly observant" and "bright eyed" in Greek. Cute name for little boys who notice everything after they're born.
  • Arthur, meaning "noble" in Welsh.
  • Asher, meaning "happy" in Hebrew. For a little boy who is sweetly in temper.
  • Auberon, meaning "noble" in Germanic.
  • Augustus, meaning "magnificent" and "great" in Roman.
  • Beau, meaning "handsome" in French.
  • Brian, meaning "noble" in Old Celtic.
  • Bert, meaning "bright" in Old English.
  • Cahil, meaning "naive" in Turkish.
  • Clement, meaning "kind", "gentle", "calm" and "merciful" in Latin. For mellow little baby boys.
  • Constantine, meaning "loyalty" in Latin.
  • Cosmo, meaning "beauty" in Greek.
  • Daniel, meaning "attractive" and "charming in Welsh.
  • Darren, meaning "great" in Gaelic.
  • Declan, meaning "good" in Irish Gaelic.
  • Edward, meaning "happy" in Old English.
  • Elan, meaning "friendly" in North American. For a little baby boy who never minds who's holding him.
  • Ellis, meaning "benevolent" in Welsh.
  • Elmer, meaning "noble" in Old English.
  • Esmund, meaning "grace, beauty" in Old English.
  • Eugene, meaning "noble" in Greek.
  • Fadil, meaning "virtuous" and "distinguished" in Arabic.
  • Fahey, meaning "happy" in Old English.
  • Farley, meaning "beautiful" and "pleasing" in Old Norse.
  • Felix, meaning "happy" in Latin.
  • Fulbert, meaning "very bright" in German.
  • Gamal, meaning "beauty" in Arabic.
  • Guy, meaning "lively" in Latin. For a baby boy who kicked a lot in your tummy and is always moving and making noise.
  • Hassan, meaning "handsome", "good" and "pleasant" in Arabic.
  • Irvin, meaning "handsome" in Gaelic.
  • Jamal, meaning "handsome" in Arabic.
  • Kalil, meaning "beautiful" in Greek.
  • Kamal, meaning "perfection" in Arabic.
  • Kamil, meaning "perfection" in Arabic.
  • Kane, meaning "lovely" in Welsh.
  • Karim, meaning "generous" and "noble" in Arabic.
  • Keane, meaning "wise" and "clever" in Old English. For a little boy who is quiet and seems to observe the world.
  • Kenneth, meaning "handsome" in Gaelic.
  • Kushal, meaning "clever" in Indian.
  • Milo, meaning "grace" in Old Slavic.
  • Naaman, meaning "beautiful" and "pleasant" in Hebrew.
  • Niall, meaning "champion" in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.
  • Philmore, meaning "loving" in Greek.
  • Phoebus, meaning "bright" and "shining" in Greek.
  • Sancho, meaning "thoughtful" in Spanish, and "pure" in Latin.
  • Tate, meaning "cheerful" in Middle English. For a little boy merry in spirit.
  • Xavier, meaning "bright" in Arabic.
  • Zakkai, meaning "pure" and "innocent" in Hebrew.

Special meaning: feelings for your child.
Names representing your love and feelings for your child in the meaning.
  • Ahmed, meaning "greatly adored" and "praised the most" in Arabic.
  • Anthony, Anton, meaning "priceless" in Roman.
  • Axel, meaning "divine reward" in Scandinavian.
  • Benedict, meaning "blessed" in Latin.
  • Cary, meaning "much loved" in Latin.
  • Damon, meaning "fate" in Greek.
  • Dante, meaning "to be patient" in Italian. For parents who have wanted a long time for their baby boy.
  • David, meaning "beloved" in Hebrew.
  • Didier, meaning"great longing" and "wish" in Latin.
  • Dorian, meaning "gift" in Greek.
  • Eamon, meaning "happiness" in Old English.
  • Erasmus, meaning "beloved" in "desired" in Greek.
  • Ernest, meaning "intense desire" in Germanic.
  • Fahey, meaning "joyful", "glad" and "happy" in Old English.
  • Felix, meaning "happy" and "lucky" in Latin.
  • Fergus, meaning "best choice" in Gaelic. For adoptive parents of little boys.
  • Gil, meaning "joy" in Hebrew.
  • Hoffman, meaning "man of influence and flattery" in German. For little boys who wrap their parents and relatives around their fingers and get a lot of compliments.
  • Hugh, meaning "inspiration" in Hebrew.
  • Kamil, meaning "complete" in Arabic. For the little boy who completes your family or lives.
  • Malachi, meaning "my angel" in Hebrew.
  • Naaman, meaning "good fortune" in Arabic.
  • Nathan, meaning "gift" in Hebrew. For a little boy who's a treasure, or perhaps one born on Christmas or a Birthday.
  • Noam, meaning "joy", "delight" and "pleasantness" in Hebrew.
  • Owen, meaning "lucky" in Greek.
  • Raja, meaning "anticipated" and "hoped for" in Arabic.
  • Thaddeus, meaning "desired" in Aramaic.
Special meanings: Misc, other cute meanings.
Other cute meanings which don't fit in other categories!
  • Aneurin, meaning "little one of pure gold" in Welsh.
  • Amir, meaning "prince" in Arabic.
  • Augustus, meaning "majesty" in Roman.
  • Basil, meaning "royal" and "kingly" in Greek.
  • Baxter, meaning "baker" in Old English. For parents with this profession! Or if you're naming after someone who works as a Baker.
  • Bryson, meaning "sea" in Irish Gaelic. For lovers of the Sea.
  • Cecil, meaning "sixth" in Welsh. For the sixth child in the family! Or if you're not quite that adventurous -- the sixth grand child or grandson, or for little boys born on the 6th or in June!
  • Cole, meaning "trust" in Welsh. For your baby boy who puts his complete trust in you.
  • Connor, meaning "lover of hands" in Gaelic. Perfect name for all dog lovers.
  • Darwin, meaning "lover of the sea" in Old English.
  • Dean, meaning "ten" in Greek.
  • Delmar, meaning "of the sea" in Latin. Good for water birth babies or just babies who love water or live close to the beach
  • Dylan, meaning "sea" in Celtic.
  • Earl, meaning "prince" in Old English.
  • Elroy, meaning "the king" in Spanish and French.
  • Ethan, meaning "permanent" in Hebrew. For your little boy who will be with you forever.
  • Eugene, meaning "well-born" in Greek.
  • Francis, meaning "little Frenchman" in Italian. For little boys with French blood!
  • Gavin, meaning "falcon of May" in Welsh. For little boys born in May.
  • George, meaning "farmer" in Greek. For boys born out on the Farm.
  • Hyam, meaning "life" in Hebrew. For the new little life you've brought into the world.
  • Irvin, meaning "sea" in Old English.
  • Jason, meaning "to heal" in Greek. For a little boy who heals your past hurts.
  • Kumar, meaning "prince" in Sanskrit.
  • Leroy, meaning "the king" in French.
  • Llewellyn meaning "resemblance" in Welsh. For a little boy with a close resemblance to some one special.
  • Murdoch, meaning "sailor" in Irish and Scottish Gaelic. For a little boy with close relatives or ancestors who were sailors.
  • Nahum, meaning "comforting" in Hebrew. For a little boy who comforts your past hurts.
  • Namid, meaning "star dancer" in Native American.
  • Naresh, meaning "king" in Sanskrit.
  • Octavius, meaning "eighth" in Latin.
  • Omar, meaning "long life" and "first born son" in Arabic.
  • Owen, meaning "well-born" in Greek.
  • Philmore, meaning "lover of the sea" in Greek.
  • Quentin, Quintas, meaning "fifth" in Latin.
  • Raja, meaning "prince" in Arabic.
  • Reuben, meaning "behold, a son" in Hebrew. For your first little boy.
  • Ryan, meaning "little king" in Gaelic.
  • Samson, meaning "as bright as the sun" in Hebrew.
  • Trey, meaning "three" in Latin.
DISCLAIMER: Many names have more then one meaning, or the meaning is derived from a word or not a 100% certain. I have only added in relative meanings for this article, and while the meanings have come from an accurate source I apologize for any mistakes.

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