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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cute Combinations, Girls, K-O

Some more cute combinations!
Classic: Kate Elizabeth
Conservative: Katherine Michelle
Pretty and sweet: Kayla Rose
Modern: Kayley Raine
Unusual: Kaylen Alessia
Unique: Katia Eve
Unisex: Kendall Hope

Classic: Lillian Kate
Conservative: Lauren Elise
Pretty and sweet: Layla Evelyn
Modern: Leilani Rose
Unusual: Laurel Madeleine
Unique: Lucinda Deanne
Unisex: Laine Alexandra

Classic: Maggie Rose
Conservative: Mary Jane
Pretty and sweet: Melody Joy
Modern: Makenna Grace
Unusual: Marley Reese
Unique: Maegan Gabrielle
Unisex: Morgan Anastasia

Conservative: Nicole Andrea (I like the English pronunciation- Ann-dree-uh)
Pretty and sweet: Natalie Anne
Modern: Natalia Lynn
Unusual: Naomi Grace
Unique: Noreen Celeste

Classic: Octavia Rose
Pretty and sweet: Olivia Lorelei
Unique: Odessa Jane

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