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Monday, January 21, 2008

Thumbs down: Frank Lickliter

I only just realized that I've been super nice lately, and there's been no Thumbs Down posts in ages. So I had a little hunt around, and found this:

Golfer, Frank Lickliter welcomed twin boys, Storm and Steele.


It seems that parents of twins often seem to get it wrong.

Grade: C-

Comments: There are three major problems with these names.

Problem one: For twins, they're too similar. Twins already have issues with identity and being similar, and giving them similar names just exacerbates this. It also leads to problems when calling a name across the house and neither child quite catching which one is being called.

Problem two: They're so unusual that they will lead to teasing and don't give the child room to grow in whatever field they want. For example, can you really imagine without grinning a man called Dr. Storm? I can only imagine the teasing he'll get when he's in a bad mood. "You're in a stormy mood" etc. And kids can just get plain annoying sometimes finding it hilarious to repeat over and over to him saying "Hey Storm, theres a storm coming"
And Steele? What if Steele decides to be a ballet dancer or is just a very sensitive guy? The name doesn't give him a lot of room to be the person he might want or need to be. And the kid will be in big trouble if he ever steals in his teenage years, imagine the teasing!

Problem three: The names don't have "normal" nicknames to fall back on if they dislike have such unusual names at any stage in their lives.

Things to work on for next time: Choosing names which aren't too similar, choosing names which aren't so unusual or strange that they'll bring on teasing in the child future and choosing unusual names with normal nicknames.


babs said...

I'll never forget back in my reporter days, there was a young man of about 6 whose first name was--I kid you not-- Darthavader. All one word. *shakes head* Some people.

AK said...

Wow, thats one of the more bad ones I've heard!

galick said...

those are not bad what about the last name i got how many lighters have you licked today, how many liters of milk did you lick up,how about here comes lick-litter as in cat litter. oh there were plenty more even in my teens the guys i played sports with if they could not say my last name they would just say "hey lick" which is better than some when you are little someone will try to poke at you that is just the nature of kids so names are not everything just teach and raise them the right way

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