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- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Cute Combinations, Girls U-V

The last in the ongoing series of Cute Combinations for girls, look out for Cute Combinations for boys in the next few weeks!

Unique: Ulani Georgia

Classic: Violet Pearl
Conservative: Victoria Nicole
Pretty and sweet: Valerie Rose
Modern: Veronica Brianne
Unique: Valencia Daisy

Classic: Winifred Faye
Pretty and sweet: Wendy Sue
Modern: Willow Iris
Unusual: Whitney Teresa

Unique: Xantha Grace

Unusual: Yasmine Cadence
Unique: Yelena Hope

Pretty and sweet: Zoe Gabriella
Modern: Zayley Anabella
Unusual: Zara Rose
Unique: Zella Sophie

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Marvin Lee said...

All names are very nice. I like all names. Thanks for sharing these beautiful names. I am inspired from your blog and thinking to start my own blog for top english boys names.