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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nicknames for Boys.

After my article on nicknames for girls, its time to delve into the world of nicknames for boys. In my earlier post, I went over the main reasons why parents give their children names with nicknames, and I'll re-hash (In other words copy and paste ;) ) the categories I made up:

1. Having a cute pet name for the child .
2. Being able to give their child a very formal name, but having something more cute and young or childhood or casual occasions.
3. Being able to choose a long name.
4. Having a more unique nickname for a child with a common name, so they're not Charles B or Charles W but Arlo.
5. For when the child is a Junior or are named after someone who they'll have close contact with to avoid confusion.

I'll give my favorites, ideas and examples for each 'reason' for giving a nickname, below:

Reason one: Just having a nickname to call your kid by.
These are just what you're average every day parent uses, for example "Jack" for Jackson, "Matt" for Matthew or "Davey" for David.

Reason two: This is when you choose a more formal name, but want to choose a cuter more childish nickname for childhood and casual situations.

My favorites are:
Allan, "Al", "Lan"
Andrew, "Andy", "Drew"
Baxter, "Bax", "Baxie", "Ax", "Axter"
Benjamin, "Ben", "Benny", "Benji", "Enji", "Jam", "Jamie"
Bernard, "Bern", "Bernie", "Ernie", "Nard", "Nardo", "Ardo", "Ardie"
Charles/Charlton, "Charle", "Charlie", "Arlo, "Les"
Colin, "Co", "Cole", "Collie", "Olly"
Dominic, "Dom", "Nic", "Nico"
Edward/Edwin, "Eddie", "Ed", "Woody", "Win", "Winny"
Fletcher, "Fletch", "Letch", "Etch", "Etcher"
Francis, "Frank", "Frankie", "Rance"
Fredrick, "Fred", "Freddie", "Eddie", "Edrick", "Ed", "Drick", "Rick", "Ricky"
James, "Jame", "Jamie"
Jasper, "Jaz", "Perry"
Leon, "Lee", "Leo", "Lonny"
Lincoln, "Linc", "Cole", "Coln", "Collie"
Lloyd, "Loy", "Oydie"
Malcolm, "Mal", "Colm", "Cole", "Collie"
Matthew, "Matt", "Mattie", "Math", "Hugh"
Michael, "Mike, "Mikey", "Mick", "Kel"
Nicholas, "Nick", "Nicky", "Nico", "Cole"
Patrick, "Pat", "Patty", "Paddy", "Tricky", "Rick", "Ricky"
Quintin, "Quinn", "Tin", "Tin-Tin", "Tiny"
Richard, "Rich", "Richie", "Hardy", "Ardo", "Ardie"
Sebastian, "Seb", "Batty", "Bastian"
Theodore, "Theo", "Teddy", "Dore"
Travers, "Trav", "Travvy", "Rav", "Ravi",
Vincent, "Vin", "Vinnie", "Cent"
Wesley, "Wes", "Es", "Lee"
William, "Will", "Billy", "Liam"

Reason three: For parents who choose out a long name, but want something shorter as a nickname to make it easier.

My favorites:
Alexander, "Al", "Alex", "Lex", "Xander", "Ander", "Andy"
Finnegan, "Finn", "Finnie"
Garrison, "Gary", "Garris", "Sonny"
Harrison, "Harry", "Harris", "Sonny"
Leverett, "Levi", "Lev", "Rhett"
Rafferty, "Raff", "Raffi", "Tee"
Remington, "Remi", "Ming"

Reason four: For parents who choose out a popular name, or find out they've named their child a popular name, unique nicknames can be a good solution.

My favorites..
Aidan, "A", "Denny", "Ade"
Alexander, "Lex", "Ander", "Xan", "Xander"
Andrew, "Ando", "Roo", "Ad"
Anthony, "Ant", "Anto"
Benjamin, "Jamie", "Jam", "Enji", "Benno", "Jin"
Brandon, "Ando", "Bran", "Andon, "Don"
Christopher, "Topher", "Toph", "Tip", "Chip", "Kit", "Kiff", "Christer", "Ster", "Stoff"
Connor, "C", "Ona"
Daniel, "Neal", "Nils"
Elijah, "Lige", "Lijah", "Lee"
Ethan, "Eath", "E", "Han"
Isaac, "Iza", "I"
Jack, "Jik", "Jeek"
Jackson, "Sonny", "Jaz"
Jacob, "Jayko", "Cobe"
James, "Jame", "Jamie", "Jam", "Jaz"
Jayden, "Denny", "J-D"
Joseph, "Seph", "Joze"
Joshua, "Jozey", "Hugh"
Matthew, "Math", "Hugh", "Matto"
Michael, "Kel", "Kale", "Mick", "Mitch", "Miles", "Milo"
Nathan, "Tan", "Han"
Nicholas, "Cole", "Nico", "Naz"
Ryan, "Yin", "R"
Samuel, "Zam", "Sammo"
Tyler, "I", "Tyles", "Tel"
William, "Lee", "Wim"
Zachary, "Cary", "Z", "Car", "Caro"

Reason five: When naming after someone who will spend a lot of time with the boy, a different nickname helps everyone be a lot more clear.
See above reasons for ideas.

Got any other cute nicknames? Other reasons why someone in your life had a nickname, or you gave your baby one? Any funny nickname stories? Comment below!

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Sherman Unkefer said...

My sons nicknames are Geib(Gabriel), Yuri(Uriel) and Tiel(Sealtiel). Isn't it unique?

Cute Nicknames said...

I call Sadie a lot of these as well, especially monkey, monkey butt, and the stinker variations lol. I call her Stinker belle sometimes. But that probably only works with a girl Now I feel the need to compose my own list! Ha. I love how we call them such odd things, like poop head, but it's all out of love!
Cute Nicknames