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"We do what we must, and call it by the best names."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Cute combinations, Girls P-T

Cute combinations continued :)

Classic: Phyllis Jane
Conservative: Paige Elizabeth
Pretty and sweet: Penelope Rose
Modern: Piper Isabelle
Unusual: Paisley Amanda
Unique: Poppy May
Unisex: Peyton Riley

Unique: Querida Lillian
Unisex: Quincey Isabelle

Classic: Rachel Grace
Conservative: Rose Olivia
Pretty and sweet: Ruby Delilah
Modern: Raine Avery
Unusual: Renee Claire
Unique: Rhea Beth
Unisex: Rylan Elise

Classic: Stella Genevieve
Conservative: Sarah Katherine
Pretty and sweet: Sophie Faye
Modern: Sienna Eden
Unusual: Shayna Rose
Unique: Sabella Jazlyn
Unisex: Sydney Taylor

Classic: Tabitha Beatrice
Conservative: Taylor Nicole
Pretty and sweet: Tessa Jasmine
Modern: Trinity Sophia
Unusual: Tatum Hope
Unique: Tallulah Marie
Unisex: Tanner Madison

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Gin (short for Virginia) said...

I just found your website, it's so fun! It was hard choosing a name for our son who was born 8 months ago. I'm one of those people who likes a more unique name. We did commit some baby-naming sins, but only for the sake of honoring family (Connor Ryan Alan Shrimpton), Ryan for Daddy, Alan for Granddad. But my comment was for your name pairs, I love them :)

AK said...

Thanks very much Gin. Indeed, I believe myself may have to commit a few baby-naming sins to honor my family one day myself!

The things we do for family, huh? ;)